Inner Strength

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Please bring water, towel and a yoga mat.  If you don't have these items, we have them for rent at the studio.  Please be well hydrated, and it's recommended to not have a heavy meal within 90 minutes before class.  We recommend the 2 week new student special, which will allow you to practice as many times in a row for the first initial 2 weeks.  Practicing in this way will give you the best foundation of 'how to', the most physical benefits, and allow you to acclimate and assimilate into the flow of the studio. 

After your 2 weeks are complete, we can assist you in purchasing a class package that best suits your needs.  Email us with any questions 

If you have a Groupon, you will need to register at the studio. 


At Gratitude Hot Yoga Center, heat is at the core of each class.   Heat allows the body to open and improve circulation of blood and oxygen as well as reducing stress on all of the systems. The warm, nurturing tone to the room allows our joints to bend and move through a greater range of motion with less agitation. 

All classes will lengthen, strengthen and cleanse the physical body.  Each class will empty the 'cup of the mind' leaving a sense of mental clarity and an uplifting sense of accomplishment emotionally.  The unique combination of heat, sweat, breath and physicality, challenges us to discover an 'inner strength' that, when applied off of the yoga mat, has the potential to contribute to a more fulfilling life.  Please email us with any questions  If you're new to the studio, enjoy our 2 weeks of unlimited classes for only $25!  Get it here.

Flow classes 

  • Held in the 'sun room'
  • Heated into the 90-degree range
  • Alignment instruction 
  • Some physical fitness experience recommended
  • For questions on which class is best for you email 

Slow Flow 

  • Held in the 'sun room'
  • Slow-moving flow classes in which postures are held longer for deeper releases
  • More alignment instruction
  • Heated into the 90-degree range
  • Some experience recommended  

Warm Flow 

  • Held in the 'moon room'
  • Suitable for all-levels of students including beginners
  • Alignment instruction
  • Warm room in the 80 degree range
  • Gentle flowing motions to help body become more supple, facilitating ease and accessibility into different postures

Slow flow to Yin 

  • Held in the 'sun room'
  • Suitable for all-levels
  • Alignment instruction 
  • Fluid, slow-moving flow classes
  • Heated into the 90-degree range
  • Towards the end of the class, we offer yin-style postures, which allow for a much, much deeper release into relaxation

Flow Freely 

  • Freedom to explore variations of arm balances, inversions and more difficult postures
  • The instructor freely sequences the class with new, exciting, challenging variations
  • Free flow classes are heated into the 90-degree range
  • Alignment instruction 
  • This class is not suitable for beginner students. 

Relax and Restore  

  • Suitable for all-levels 
  • Receive guidance on how to relax, find stillness, quiet the mind, and focus on the breath 
  • Props, such as bolsters, blocks, and straps are utilized 
  • No heat added to this class