Leadership Team

"Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress, and 

Working together is success."


Maggie Pintos


Carlie Fink-Maddux


 Why do I practice? I practice to keep myself "sane".  Yoga is the stilling of the mind until it rests in a state of total and utter tranquility, so that one experiences life as it is: as Reality. Yoga has allowed me to to find a deeper spiritual connection not only to the divine but to myself.

Why do I teach?

I teach for a lot of the same reasons that I practice. To help others find balance in their life. To empower them to stop for a moment and appreciate everything that surrounds them. To remind them to move with breath and intention not only through their practice but also through life. 

Missy Ann Ricks


Amy Bonis


 Why do I practice?
Yoga serves as a daily reset that calms and clears my mind and body and allows my best self to be available for all the people in my life. I practice to learn to take yoga off the mat and into the world. Why do I teach?

My passion is teaching others. I love inspiring students to really feel, observe and dive into the very core of their being which is a place of spirit and connection. This helps heal our pain. I believe through this growth, we develop an inner strength that has the power to change the world.

Jackie Deitch


Why do I practice?

Yoga offers me the space for self love, a strong physical experience and mental calm.  

Why do I teach?

I know that the students want and need self-love, a powerful physical experience and to tap into their own calm.

Hope Griffin


 Why do I practice?

I practice yoga because it integrates all aspects of my being: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It challenges me on all of these levels and helps me to grow into a better version of myself every day. Plus, it's really fun!
Why do I teach?

I teach because I cannot NOT teach yoga. It has given me so much and so many teachers have poured their heart and soul into teaching me that I feel called to give back in this way. I love teaching yoga and helping others grow into the best versions of their own selves too! Plus, it's also really fun! 

Julie Miron


Sheerah Singer


Why do I practice? I practice to find peace. I practice because it helps me find a deeper appreciation for myself and the world around me. I practice to help align my mind, body and spirit.

Why do I teach? To help others find balance in themselves and to help them quiet their mind both on and off the mat. Yoga is a journey and I have found so much positive energy and strength from it in my own practice that I love the chance to give that energy to others; help them find the deeper aspect of yoga while strengthening their body

Hong Huynh


Why I practice?

I practice to tap into my own inner peace and strength, to continue the healing process of inside and out and for longevity.  My practice contributes to my mental and emotional clarity as it quiets my mind and brings me to my sense of center and balance. 

Why I teach?

I teach to help others reach all that the practice has to offer.  

Natalie Marcoux