How to become the best possible version of yourself

Benefits of practicing yoga at Gratitude.

  • Learn universal principles of proper alignment, the 'how to' of yoga postures which will allow all levels to safely progress at their own pace.  
  • Your flexibility will noticeably begin to improve and aches and pains will begin to diminish.  
  • Your posture and mood will improve.
  • You will experience muscular strength and endurance.
  • You will experience improved cardiovascular strength and endurance.
  • You will ignite the body's metabolic furnace which is responsible for burning calories and fat. 
  • Well trained, experienced, caring yoga teachers.
  • Abundant parking.
  • Huge, well lit, impeccably cleaned 40+ person yoga studio.
  • Shower facilities and more! 

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Gratitude is for people like you! Busy people with jobs, businesses, studies, family and friends, all who care about their mental, physical and emotional well-being and want to live from the best possible version of who you are!

If you've practised yoga before, practising yoga at Gratitude will show you 'a second opinion' to what's possible. We provide the space for people who see the value of living a life of gratitude and are serious about getting results.  We are a community of people who instead of judging, enjoy each other, care and embrace inclusivity. 

Practising yoga at Gratitude is so potent, it can literally be the only form of exercise you do, and many who rely solely on yoga are joyful, strong, lean, flexible and have attained a youthful athleticism.

If you do other forms of exercise, practising yoga at Gratitude will increase your mobility, reduce compression, lengthen and strengthen all so you can continue to enjoy the variety of modalities.

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"I really love Gratitude more than any studio I have practised at because I think it has a perfect balance of self-compassion and self-care but not at the cost of self-pity or making excuses. It's got a great blend of challenging yourself and caring for yourself."


"I am writing for a couple of reasons. First to express my gratitude. I have been practising at Gratitude for the past year after leaving and searching.  I am so glad I came back!  Gratitude has helped me to develop tools that I never knew I would need. I have no idea how, or if, I would have survived this past year without those tools. Thank you. Times a million."

"I've lost 130 lbs through the practice of yoga at Gratitude and in the past year am stronger at 63 than I was at 33!"

"Absolutely love practising at this studio! Beautiful studio, just the right amount of hot and the teachers are the best. All are knowledgeable and offer assistance to help you improve and be safe. So glad I found this place."