Crescent lunge to the half-moon to skandasana...nice 'micro-sequence'. Thanks Carlie!

Here, Roman demonstrates how to get into The Bird of Paradise...ENJOY!

Use this 'micro-sequence' in your personal flow or teachers, insert this into your classes!  Thanks, Maggie!

 This video shows you a simple way to open up the chest and shoulders to increase mobility.  Do this before or after class!!! 

In this video, Carlie Fink-Maddux shows us some exercises to strengthen the muscles necessary for crescent lunge and  more!  Enjoy ;-)

Spectrum News interviews Roman Szpond.  See how hot yoga just may be able to relieve congestion from seasonal allergies and more.

Inspiration comes in many forms. In this short video, we explore what it is that inspires you! 

How to get motivated again!  Enjoy!